Frequently Asked Questions

Product related questions

How is the Asara New York system different from other skin care regimens?

Asara New York believes that effective skin care requires a whole-body approach. We combine the best of nature with scientifically proven ingredients. While most skin care products address aging skin on the surface level, Asara’s system goes much deeper. We have developed a groundbreaking probiotic skin care line AND supplement system to address beauty from the inside and out.

What are probiotics and how do they work?

To learn all about the benefits of probiotics please visit our Probiotic Science page.

What are antioxidants?

To learn all about the benefits of antioxidants please visit our Organic Antioxidants page.

Why does the Asara New York skin care regimen include an oral supplement?

While applying probiotics through a topical cream is great, for maximum results you must include probiotics in your diet. They are essential for the absorption of nutrients, and therefore they make the face cream and eye serum more effective.

Is Asara New York suitable for all skin types and ethnicities?

Yes. Asara New York’s skin care regimen is effective for all skin types and ethnicities. Whether you have oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, or other concerns Asara New York works for all men and women.

Can I use other skin care products in addition to Asara New York?

There will be no adverse effects if you choose to supplement Asara New York’s skin care regimen with additional products, but it is not necessary to. With Asara you will experience visible results within 30 days if you exclusively use the system as directed (also see our results page).

What causes wrinkles and looseness in skin?

Wrinkles are caused by two things. There are natural wrinkles that come with aging and there are wrinkles caused by exposure to UV light over a long period of time. This exposure breaks down the connective tissue in your skin making it less elastic. This also makes your skin less able to protect itself from damage. Asara New York’s probiotic system is the only one available that can restore elasticity to your skin and increase its ability to defend itself from aging damage.

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are “charged chemical particles of oxygen that enter into destructive chemical bonds with organic substances such as proteins. The result is an oxidation, or chemical burning, of the substance, which destroys it. Dangerous residual substances may result from the chemical changes.” (For more see: Free radicals are the cause of embarrassing aging signs on your skin such as aging spots, discoloration, or some acne. Asara New York products contain powerful antioxidants to correct the damage caused by free radicals resulting in healthier skin.

Do Asara New York products contain benzoyl peroxide or parabens?

No. Asara New York products do not contain harmful ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or parabens. Our products contain natural ingredients that have a proven benefit to skin health.

Do Asara New York products contain gluten, petrochemicals or sulfates?

Asara New York products do not contain any gluten, petrochemicals or sulfates.

Do Asara New York products contain alcohol?

There are 2 types of Alcohol generally found in skin care products:

  1. Drying Alcohols (such as ethanol etc.): These alcohols are to be avoided in skin care products.
  2. Fatty alcohols: These are absolutely non-irritating and can be exceptionally beneficial for skin. Some examples you may see on ingredient labels include cetearyl alcohol, lauryl alcohol and oleyl alcohol. Asara products only contain these beneficial alcohols.
Are Asara products Non-Comedogenic?

The ingredients in the core Asara products, including the Advanced Face Cream and the Revitalizing Eye Serum are regarded as non-comedogenic. While the vast majority of ingredients in products Asara are non-comedogenic, we recommend those with sensitive skin do a small patch test on their inner arm and then on a small patch test on their face before proceeding with full use.

Are Asara products tested on Animals?

Asara New York is committed to creating only cruelty-free products. We never test any of our products on animals.

Do Asara products contain Formaldehyde?

Asara products do not contain formaldehyde.

Are Asara products made in the USA?

All Asara products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Is the Asara New York system appropriate for those with sensitive skin?

Asara products have been shown to be appropriate and are indicated for those with sensitive skin. We always recommend doing a small patch test on your inner arm and then a small patch test on your face before proceeding with full use.

Are Asara products suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians?

Yes! Asara products do not contain any ingredients derived from animals.

Are Asara products suitable for pregnant or nursing women?

Asara stands by the safety and integrity of our products. However, if you are pregnant or nursing we recommend reviewing the ingredients with your doctor before use.

Do Asara Products have added fragrance or are they fragrance free?

The core Asara products are fragrance free.

Fragrance Free products include:

  • Advanced Skin Cream
  • Revitalizing Eye Serum
  • Firming Neck Cream
  • Purifying Clay Mask
  • Intensive Night Cream

Products containing mild fragrance:

  • Balancing Cleanser
  • Rejuvenating Toner
Do Asara products need to be refrigerated?

Asara products are stabilized and do not require refrigeration.

Do Asara products contain live bacteria?

Our Divine Radiance Probiotic Supplement does contain live probiotics.

The Asara topical creams utilize live bacteria in the formulation stages. The probiotics are then broken down in a process called lysis to release their useful elements, and are then stabilized. While this means that the bacteria are no longer alive when the cream is completed, this process allows easier delivery of the probiotics’ benefits to the skin.

Does the Asara Divine Radiance Probiotic Supplement contain sugar?

Asara’s Probiotic Supplements are sugar free.

In what order should I use the Asara New York skin care products?

For best results, we recommend a complete skin care routine as follows:

  1. Supplement: Asara Divine Radiance Probiotic Supplement should be taken once daily with a meal.
  2. Cleanse: Start with the Asara Balancing Cleanser
  3. Eyes: Follow with the Asara Revitalizing Eye Serum
  4. Face: Follow with Asara Advanced Face Cream
  5. For Nighttime use: Asara Intensive Night Cream may be used with or in place of the Advanced Face Cream
  6. Neck: Apply Asara Firming Neck Cream
  7. Twice a week apply Asara Purifying Clay Mask for deep, nourishing skin care
  8. Spritz Asara Rejuvenating toner anytime for a quick skin pick-me-up
How long will it take until I see results?

Many Asara users have reported seeing results in just a few days. In our clinical and user studies significant results were reported in just 15 days. Individual results will vary.

Do you have to continue using the products to maintain results?

Since the skin naturally ages progressively over time, we recommend continued use of Asara products for optimal long term results.

Has Asara New York been clinically tested?

Yes! Asara has undergone independent clinical tests by the prestigious BioScience Laboratories.

Does Asara New York offer samples?

Asara offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, simply contact us within 30 days of ordering to obtain a return authorization and refund.

Where can I buy Asara products?

Asara products are sold exclusively online at or by calling our toll free number 1-877-ASARA-NY.

Do I need a probiotic supplement if I eat yogurt and other probiotic rich foods?

Yougurt and other foods with probiotics are certainly a great way to consume probiotics, but they primarily only contain one strain of the effective probiotic and it won’t necessarily affect your skin. The data has shown that different strains of probiotics affect the skin differently. That’s why our oral probiotic is a multi-strain probiotic containing the strains that we know DO affect your skin. In addition, probiotic supplements allow for a higher rate of probiotics, and our supplement is stabilized so that the probiotics are more effective.

Order related questions

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Asara New York offers several shipping options with the following times-in-transit for the contiguous 48 United States and DC (other locations may experience longer transit times):


  • Rush - 1-2 business days
  • Priority - 2-3 business days
  • Standard - Up to 7 business days

Orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, etc..

Please allow an additional 24-48 hours for order processing.



How do I check the status of my order?

Once your order ships, usually within 24-48 hours, you will receive an email from us with your tracking information.

I lost my tracking number. How can I track my package?

No worries! Give us a call at 1-877-ASARA-NY and we can look it up for you.

Can I add something to my order or do I need to make a new one?

We strive to ship your order quickly so you can begin enjoying the Asara experience fast. If it hasn’t shipped yet we may be able to add something to your order. Please call us at 1-877-ASARA-NY and we will do our best to help you.

I believe there was an error with my order. What do I do now?

We are committed to your satisfaction and will do our best to make things right. If you believe there is an error with your order please call us at 1-877-ASARA-NY.

How do I make changes to my billing or shipping information?

Please call us at 1-877-ASARA-NY and we will be happy to help.